Online Graduation Show 23.06 - 26.06

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On this website the '20-'21 HKU graduates proudly present their graduation work to a broad audience. From fine art to design, from film to fashion; all sections of HKU are represented. Click 'student profiles' for more information about our graduates, or go to 'graduation work' and take a dive into their graduation projects. Or see highlighted student work at ' stories'.

From June 23 through June 26 approximately 800 graduates presented their graduation work during the online Exposure festival. The programme consisted of exhibitions, performances, fashion shows, concerts, movies, live games and much, much more. Many of these events can still be viewed via 'graduation work'. You can also access a recording of the opening programme with music by alumni Tato Wesselo and Mees Siderius and talks with other graduates and Roelof Bleker, chairman of the Executive Board. Enjoy Exposure Online!

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