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Mezi Domy

Veronika Petuchova
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In her paintings, Veronika Petuchova captures fading moments, and revives memories and feelings from her childhood, to explore how they feed into the present. While fleeting, abstract or liminal at times, Petuchova’s subjects can also appear more concretely and figuratively in her work. When preparing her paintings, Petuchova goes down into memory lane, working from personal stories and objects that she translates from photographs into intuitive brushstrokes. Looking for the most effective ways to capture these fleeting moments, she is triggered not only to create new paintings, but also to rework old ones with an intention to revive them both as objects, depictions, and to continue their story. 

Although most of her work is based on photographs she collects, Petuchova herself is very much focused on what she can do with the paint, intentionally disregarding consistency in style to give way to a visual language that suits each occasion particularly. Her paintings are the translation of memories and experiences into her own visual signature, breathing a distinct atmosphere, while moving between depicted documents and poetic, lyrical images. 

Text by Menno Vuister

Purple Glasses

25 x 40 cm
Acrylics on canvas

She Don't Bite

70 x 90 cm
Acrylics on canvas

Lines Aflow

35 x 45 cm
Acrylics on canvas