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The Natural Light Project

Samuel de Smit
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In The Natural Light Project I went in a search of the sound and color of natural light. Is natural light, as in humans, also a source of music? With The Sound of Light I want to create more awareness among people about natural light, by making the fluctuating values ​​audible. Any change in sound is equivalent to a change in natural light. In this way, in addition to a voice and composition of the light, there is also an awareness and awareness of the power of nature.  To realize this, I connected 32 sensors to the installation. These 32 sensors measure light, humidity and temperature. The data comes via two Arduinos and a Teensy in Max MSP. From there, this data is converted via a Motu or CV module to CV. The music that sounds comes from the modular synth, so what you hear is what the light shows.

Go to my youtube channel for more video's