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Samuel de Smit
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The Eye-Project is a project from year 3. In this project we were given the assignment to provide a so-called silent film with music. That year it was about the film "La Chute de la Maison". Unfortunately, during this project, the covid pandemic came and the project was postponed. Now a year later, fortunately we still got the chance to realize the project, although not in the Eye film house but at school in the studio. The piece was completely composed and noted by me. Besides the ensemble playing the piece, I play along with them on the modular synthesizer. I also record live pieces of cello that I loop in Ableton so that the player forms a mini ensemble with herself. Besides the looping of the cello, the signal from the clarinet is sent to Beads in my Eurorack. (Beads is a granular texture synthesizer module from Mutable Instruments.) It allows me to granulate the Clarinet in real time and smear the final sound as a texture under the piece. I also loop in a piece played on the OP-Z with which I play a pre-recorded recording of my voice polyphonically.

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