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When Night Falls

Alba Versteeg
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When Night Falls

'When night falls' is a project with which I pay tribute to nightlife. For this project I designed an interactive product series that individually translate their own story into a physical form. With my project I want to show my audience that nightlife isn't just about trashy nightclubs, it's about culture, making connections and generating new ideas.

 69 Weeks 

69 weeks is a candle shaped after a mutation of a pillar that can be found in Weelde Rotterdam. The shape of the candle represents the foundation of the nightlife that was melting away during the lockdown. During my research I came across the title of an article ‘Het Rotterdamse nachtleven bloedt’. I wanted to translate the title into a physical form in some way, that's why I choose for a candle. The name of the candle is based on how many weeks the nightclubs were closed. From June 26 it is again possible to visit a nightclub and that has come out exactly at 69 weeks.

 A Connection has been made 

'A connection has been made' is an interactive bench that will show the interaction when two persons sit next to each other. With this object I want to show my audience that something beautiful happens when a random person sits down next to you. The nice feeling you get inside when you feel a connection with the person you are talking to.

 Own Reflection 

Own Reflection is an installation with a mirror that draws you to reality. The idea of ​​my installation is that you get the feeling that you are looking in the mirror outside the hall of a nightclub. You feel the vibrations and warmth of the colored lights. But when the music and colored lights stop and transition to white light, you realize the moment of reality. For some, that's when they have to put on a shield in front of them again. I made this installation for the people who only dare to be their true selves in the night scene.

Special Thanks to:

Programmer: Ward Slager

Song: Bas Mooy - West-Kruiskade

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Alba Versteeg

Phone: +31 6 51003592


Instagram : Al_Ver_Design