Beeldende kunst
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"Welcome to my Infernal Paradise"

Marijn D.F Wolthuis
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Marijn Wolthuis gives you a glimpse into his ‘Infernal Paradise’ - Creating dreamscapes that have been arising from a subconscious plain, a world unbound by the natural laws and logic, the core of his expression. His work primarily consists of paintings, sculptures and installations. It is all about materialization. They are all driven by abstract escapism, identity, time, gravity, nature, texture and the human experience in relation to the natural and unnatural worlds.
The paintings are not bound by gravity and the orders of our world, whilst the sculptures are more than physical entities-bound by material, gravity, time and condition. These figures are born from the paintings. Not only that, but the dreamscapes are growing worlds at play, where the sculptures are physical manifestations/ the performers of these worlds. I long to discover a world of performance, the reason for this is the fact that the work has always had a flow, it has been fluid, by which I mean forms have always come to be organic as abstract representations of our world, ourselves or our dreamworlds.
Yet the work is static - which I love on its own but to attribute these manifestations with performance would set the stage so to speak. I believe this would create more of a narrative, a guideline, I suppose this would have to do with practice and experience. Only then could I know if it actually has a beneficial contribution to the work. Yet still, I am evermore astounded by the stories people create themselves. It's a fondness that allured me to the arts to begin with, I believe community plays a large role in the development and makings of an Artist.