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Ander maatschappelijk thema

Vrouw Holle

Maureen Prost
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There was a  kind old lady, known as Vrouw Holle. You may know her from the Grimm fairy tale, or even the Efteling. Awoman who lives in the sky, makes it snow on earth when she makes her bed and ensures justice is served. However... in this case she doesn't remain this lovely old lady. As she's getting older, she's craving to be young and powerful again, which leads her to turn to evil. 

Join me for a live presentation on Thursday the 24th of June at 19:00 to see the design proces! 
You can join me by clicking here

This version of Vrouw Holle is the one seen most often, a kind, fragile, old grandma. Hunching a bit and looking at you through thick round glasses, she seems like she wouldn't harm a fly. In fact, this actually is the case at this stage. She's full of love and has a lot of candy and biscuits to treat everyone!

The ageing is really getting to her, though. She misses being young, strong and mobile and this urge to turn back time is growing stronger and stronger every day...

Her desire to turn back time will eventually corrupt her. No longer the kind old lady you know her as, Vrouw Holle has now turned to evil to regain her youth. The souls she traps in her gemstone fuel her and every soul makes her stronger. Her powers have grown so much that it even affected her brain, causing her to lose all of her old personality and becoming an evil hag.

Addicted to this feeling of youth and power, she continues searching for more souls to trap. Vrouw Holle now reigns the lands with her immense power and will stop at nothing to get her way. Watch out, as she might come for you next...

For this project I also worked on VFX a bit, what you see here on the right is a simple prototype of possible VFX effects for one of her attacks. 

Live presentation!

On Thursday the 24th of June at 19:00 I will be giving a live presentation about the design proces. You can join me by clicking here