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Urban Aesthetics & Happy Encounters

Steven de Kort
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Urban aesthetics & happy encounters investigates the beauty and complexity of the useless in public space. The project focuses on something that does not seem to belong in today's structured society. Highlighted in a specific form, it is approached and investigated in an almost obsessive way, by observing, deconstructing, reconstructing and analysing, in order to search for its possible meaning or reason of existence. Working towards an end product is omitted and the process is used as a central component. You are drawn into an investigation that highlights something that at first glance does not receive attention.

The exploration of hidden everyday elements in public space are a main interest in Steven de Kort's work. Aiming to fasten the spectator's attention on such elements, he approaches them on an intersection between politics and humour, whilst avoiding the obvious. Starting from a graphic design practice, Steven uses various media such as sculpture, video, photography and typography to expose his concepts and ideas. Aesthetics and communication are always high on the agenda and the stories behind them never far from what the eye sees. Playing with the spectator's interpretation, he examines the extent to which it is possible to steer it. 

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