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Transcendental Shores – Post-Human Poetry

Nigel van der Pol
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Transcendental Shores –
Post-Human Poetry
By N.V.D.P. & A.I.

Imagine a future where we can use our minds to their full potential. A future in which we can overcome bodily limitations and dismantle binary thinking, dismantle social constructs (and inscriptions) and dismantle the neoliberal and capitalist hegemonies. Imagine a  world of peace, abundance, symbioses and harmony. A world where all borders between man, machine and nature are disappearing.

'Transcendental Shores' is a collection of speculative poems that focus on a non–binary state of existence and functions as a manifest to re-conceive what it means to be human. Co-written by algorithmic language models: it uses artificial intelligence as a ‘second’  creative brain and a nonhuman, non-binary discourse partner. It is an exciting co-operation between man and machine, portraying a prelude to a post-human future.

Text & Poems

Nigel van der Pol (N.V.D.P.)

& Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Layout & Design
Nigel van der Pol (N.V.D.P.)

Spoken Word & Narration
Pam van Manen

Sound Design

Soundscape 1. Michael Berdan (Uniform)
Soundscape 2. Infinity Dose (pre-Sarin project)

Publication Details

Edition: 25 | 112 pages | Size: 130 x 200 mm | Softcover with PMS 877C Silver Ink |
Papers: Rough Coldwhite 120 g/m2 & Lunar Mini Silver 120 g/m2 | Printing: GLD Printmedia, Arnhem

Copies of 'Transcendental Shores – Post-Human Poetry' are available for sale at:

Exposure Online Webshop, De Utrechtse Boekenbar & Lou Oudenoord

Physical Exposition

The work will be on display and open for public at Kapitaal Utrecht from 24.06.2021 - 26.06.2021


To fully experience and feel each word, spoken to you by Pam van Manen, please follow these instructions. 

1.  Take a seat, somewhere that feels calm and quiet.
2.  Make yourself comfortable, notice your body, be stable and relaxed.
3.  Focus your awareness on your breath. 
Pay attention to the sensations of the inhalations and exhalations.
4.  Let go of any distractions, close your eyes for a moment.
5.  Picture yourself standing on a darkened beach, smelling the ocean, imagine the bright yet distant horizon.
6.  Plant your feet firmly on the ground (as if you would place them in the beach sands).
7.  Click play.