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Bukra Sert
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Project Desolation

For my graduation project I worked on a kindergarten classroom that is overgrown, broken and abandoned, inspired by the quality and art style of The Last of Us 2.
You can explore the environment yourself. In this 3D environment you can walk around and interact with objects.

Here is a link to the playable 3D environment:
Bukra Sert | Project Desolation Download


It is 2039, 26 years after a virus outbreak (September 2013). You can take a look in an abandoned kindergarten classroom.

In this classroom, 6-year-old children have tried to survive, even though they didn't know what was going on. In all the chaos, the teacher locked the classroom door from the outside in the hope that their parents would come save all of them and then she fled. The children were left alone. Their parents most likely didn't make it to get to them on time. The children were left to die.

Final renders in Unreal Engine 4.26