Kimberly Leijen
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Mathematical geometry Shows the beauty of nature with an encounter between the mathematical language that dominates the visible and invisible world. Nature is full of geometric surprises, just think of the perfect shape of an ice crystal, the pattern of a sunflower heart, but also the body cells when we look at them microscopically. Geometric patterns exist all around us and create the fundamental structure of life in the universe.

I’ve found the perfect balance of nature and its underlying mathematical geometry within the fundamental structure of the system and the design with its flower-like profiles in both models. When you look deeper you see the in between spaces and a poetry through the idea of the collaboration of nature and mathematics. Layering and repetition creates a single moment of time made up of different structured and ordered layers.


The icoscahedron is one of the five platonic solids. These are regular solid structures that often occur in nature, but are generally hidden from our perception. This clean geometric shape is a mathematical gem for the eye. The fully polished stainless steel parts offer a 3D kaleidoscope experience which becomes visible when it manages to capture its reflections.


Both the icosahedron and the truncated icosahedron from which the Spiked Hexa Pentakis Truncated Icosahedron (SHPTI-G21) was developed are naturally related. This perforated aluminum model with its yellow flower-like profiles contrasts the geometric design, the harder appearance of the material with the natural, feminine design and the collaboration of nature and mathematics.

My name is Kimberly Leijen, I am a Dutch based designer. As a designer I try to push my boundaries, make discoveries and broaden my skills based on my designs and process. This makes my ‘world of design’ a great adventure and has captured the utmost of my ability at that moment in time.

I have an open mind to the outside world and I like to be inspired by my environment. I am inspired by the adventures I experience and lead every process and design to new ideas and/or concepts.

Designing is a self-expression for me, I have a strong urge to create. It is important for me to fall a little bit in love with the work. This infatuation makes the work vulnerable and the process a healthy obsession. I give my all to the design, but I maintain a critical view in which I search for my own identity within the works.

My designs have a unique edgy retro futuristic style which flows through in color and use of materials. The designs regularly have a geometric clean and a sci-fi-like appearance that emphasizes my fascination and admiration for the universe an life itself. At the moment I make extensive use of metals, which have a heavy and coarse appearance, which I like to contrast with a more feminine approach in color or design. This combination makes my work unique and I increasingly develop an identity that is recognizable to the public.

Kimberly Leijen
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Live video call

26 juni                 12:00 – 14:00 

If you can't make it, but want to see and know more about me and my work, please leave a message in the comments below or send an email to

If you want to see an know more about me and my work, take a quick look at Please feel free to contact me!