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Inside a Landscape

Dagmar Lutjenhuis
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Dagmar Lutjenhuis brings together drawings on paper, murals, and sound to generate a spatial experience. Her most recent works explore homely surroundings and moments of quietness that are transformed into their own landscapes. Through the act of drawing itself, moments of personal significance become objects of study, revealing rhythms, patterns, and poetics to the spectator. Step by step, through lines and depiction, the images, and audible soundscapes, the spectator is brought into a tangible landscape; a real sensory environment.

Lutjenhuis does not pick her materials or techniques at random. Natural sounds, recorded in the immediacy of her homely surroundings provide a calming cadence, while her drawings both on paper and wall gain depth through the concentrated and sensible manner in which they are made. Using all these elements together, Lutjenhuis builds a poetic environment that allows the spectator to find peace and serenity for themselves. 

Written by Menno Vuister