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In search of

Luna Brouwers
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My project is about the search for yourself and processing your 

emotions, every experience you ever had, the people you interacted with, the places you’ve lived.

It is a quest, discovering who you are, and why you have become this way, and who you are without certain experiences and people around you. 

It is a quest to learn to accept and love yourself, to accept your emotions, to accept that negative emotions are okay too, it is a quest to find peace in life, and to embrace it and take it for what it is, not to strive for 

perfectionism but to learn to love yourself for what and who you already are at this moment.

With my project I dive into my own feelings and where they come from. With my work I try to capture those vulnerable moments, to process my past, and to give it a positive spin. Using art as an outlet, using art to process my emotions. My Intuition plays an important role in my work, my work is always linked to my personal life, what is going on at that moment, what I am subconsciously concerned with, or what is happening in society at that moment. Often I start creating before I know what it is about and it coincides later in the project.

It begins,

it begins with me,

I am born, laying in the water, like a fetus

I awake, not sure where to belong

I follow the sound, the sound that feels like home or so I think

In search of

in search of me

in search of a home

where do I belong?

is it a place

or the people close to me

are it the memories lost inside

somewhere visited in a dream

maybe it’s something I’ve ever felt

but will never find again

she desires

desires the feeling of belonging

of understanding

or maybe

she just wants to understand herself

maybe then she knows who she is

where she belongs

why things happend the way they happend

the things she doesn’t understand now

the things she can’t seem to let go

what is letting go?

where does it go?

It feels like an endless road

I swim, and drown,

and go with it

and now I don’t care

she is on her way

a road that feels endless

a road without knowing what’s waiting for her

without knowing if it will go up or down

but she knows she has to take the risk

she has to trust the road and walk it courageous

her journey starts with baggage

a lot of baggage

collected her whole life

places she used to live

people close to her

dreams in the night

everything she takes on her journey

here and then she lets some things go and takes some new

her back is hurting from all that she carries

but some things she just can’t seem to let go

even if some of those things hurt her in the past

she finds that if she want’s to keep going she has to let some baggage go

she has decisions to make which memories to keep and which ones are ready to be left behind

the more she let’s go

the closer she get’s to herself

her truth

she looks around and sees that all her bad memories and negative thoughts disappeared long ago 

she stops walking  because her back feels so light now

she looks around and feels complete serenity around her body

she takes the things that are left behind and starts building

she starts building her home, her new home, nobody else’s 

she made this

worked for it

rebuild it

And now I am walking through the water

away from where it began 

my body is heavy 


I got out, but I still carry you with me

without wanting 

without knowing 

with me unconsciously

letting go

and letting in

building a home

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Photography, Film and Poetry:
Luna Brouwers

Featuring in film and photography:
Angela Segard
Dion Tiktak
Djoeri Wildeboer
Isabelle Schuurmans
Luna Brouwers (Self portrait)
Tjerre Lucas Bijker

Graduation film Amelisweerd:
Videographer & edit: Pasqual Amade
Assistant: Najim Jansen
Sound designer: Dion Tiktak