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Human Meat Project

Marijke Pattan
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The works of Marijke Pattan encompass longterm projects rather than singular artworks. Within them, Pattan integrates her fascination for data-collection and her experiences in working for start-up companies and creates installations that ask challenging questions about contemporary problems by breaking down the fourth wall between art and life. By operating on the verge between art and reality, her projects bring tantalising issues to the forefront, and confront the spectator with these moral questions in a direct way. 
Her most recent work, The Human Meat Project, is a longterm project in which humans themselves can become the solution for their endless urge for meat-consumption. Along with a website and printed promotional material, the audience is offered an active experience; by taking place in the actual waiting room and being able to participate in the project that continues after Pattan’s graduation, they can continuously ponder between our bodies as bodies and as pieces of meat. 

Menno Vuister
Your designated HKU Graduation writer