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Heart To Heart // Final Recital

Ingel Mättas
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For my final recital I have combined together a solo piece, a violin concerto, a ballade for violin and piano and a trio that have deeply touched my heart. I chose to perform chamber music, because sharing and creating music together with dear fellow musicians has been the greatest joy during my studies. With friends, it’s possible to go into deeper levels of connection.
I have chosen to play a piece by J. S. Bach, because his music awakens feelings in me that are not possible to describe. I crave to perform pieces that make me feel alive. This is exactly what Bach’s music does to me. Dvorak’s Violin Concerto no. 2 was suggested to me by my great violin teacher Chris. I’ve found a bridge to speak my story through this concerto. It tells a story of how one leaves behind everything that she knew, degrades to zero and slowly bit by bit starts to bloom again. Tubin’s Ballade is an Estonian piece and I felt the need to represent my heritage through it. I see the main four elements in it: earth, air, water and fire. It was written at a historically difficult time and I found that I can relate to it well. The idea to perform Dvorak’s Dumky Trio came from my very good friend Katinka. Exploring this piece has been transformative. It has brilliant characters and I’ve learned a lot both technically and musically.
The title of my final recital Heart To Heart is a simple way of saying thank you to my teacher, piano accompanist, fellow musicians, friends, all the people who in greater or lesser extent have grossed my path, my family and my beloved husband. I am blessed to have you. I hope by listening to the concert you feel that through my heart to yours.