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Femke Stoop
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Femke Stoop


For you and I, Brainparade is fantasy world and a fantasy word.

The collection reflects the process of creating new life with the aim to pull the viewer out of their daily routine. Inspired by the images of brain scans and my own imaginary creatures, 6 outfits have materialised (no pun intended).

Three sculptural, and three ready- to-wear pieces have been created. The collection is a combination of shapes, colours, selfmade prints and structures that that reflect its inspiration. Be surprised, be intrigued, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Femke Stoop



Photographer: @newmonkeyphotography

models: @chealsynatalia, @atnoordpool, @lafeurna, @cindy.koopmans

Mua’s: @goldy_looks_muah, @denisekramer.mua, @bea_mua

extra thanks to: @saskiajk, @rosemariezuiderent, @darksentienofficial and Jairus Apolina