Beeldende kunst
Duurzaamheid en klimaat

The garden of Kirsti

Kirsti Coolen
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In my Exposure exposition, you will find a few different works, all relating to the same questions about the relationship between humans and nature. The way we destroy all that is natural, replace it with asphalt and stone, make our own parks with shortly cut grass, perfectly squared bushes, surrounded with the sound and smell of cars.
There is this magical world we tend to overlook, a hidden rhizome, all organic life living in mutualism. We throw it all away to make our fake nature.

I experiment with this concept, making fake nature, to make the audience question about the reality of the world around them, open their eyes to the illusion we live in. Make them see the beauty of the landscapes hidden in tree bark, let them experience the pain of the trees that were burned down, suffocated for construction and cut down for our consumption.