Duurzaamheid en klimaat

The Collective Imagination

Isabela Verhagen
About Live events
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My projects are on the edge of fashion design and fine art. They are installations around or based on the human body, arisen from social issues.

My aim is to create awareness among the public, by showing the other side of the story. In my work I incorporate materials that have a connection with the issues I want to raise, they represent events in our daily life. I can not and I do not want to offer any solutions, I want to start conversations.

Contact information:



instagram: @studio_verbel

You will be able to see my work at:

- Kilotheek, Oudegracht Utrecht, until mid July.

- Landgoed Amelisweerd from August 19th

- Lekart, Culemborg, 25th and 26th of September

- Fashion Clash, Maastricht, 26th-28th of November