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States of Mind

Dirk Lentz dirk lentz
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‘States of Mind’ is a poetic film in which we witness landscapes, time-lapses, stop-motions and composed edits. The artist plays with the perception of time and influences from nature. This way, he depicts the constant stream of influences from society he experiences during his life. It shows how information, beliefs and standards affect him, but offer development of character. During the film we discover a mystical world shaped by water and wind. We experience tranquility, sensory overload and creation.

Online conversation with Dirk Lentz and Reno Matitaputty,

moderated by Timo Geschwill.

24 juni          20:00 - 21:00 Q&A

about the artist

Dirk is an artist fascinated by natural systems, how they flow into existence and take their course. As an artist he is inspired by these processes and the tracks they leave behind. His perspective on this encourages him to play with it like an alterable dream.

He likes learning about the scientific workings of natural systems and coherent philosophies. He experiences his surroundings by observing and analysing their workings. Subsequently a poetic reflection emerges in his mind which he finds an outlet for in moving images.

It is the creative process that interests him the most. He captures images that catch his eye and by digitally mixing them he gains freedom to realise his ideas. Using photos, film, animation and visual effects he makes videos capturing an atmosphere or a frame of mind.

Dirk Lentz