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Remote access to the Decima toolset

Wessel Mast
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For the past few months, I've spent some time working with the tools team at Guerrilla trying to get the Build Tool to run in a web browser. Above you can see a little demo of it!

The project is a proof-of-concept that investigates the feasibility of using a subset of Guerrilla's tools remotely via a web browser. Guerrilla's toolset has extensive hardware, software, and infrastructure requirements. This makes it difficult to deploy the tools to external vendors, or team members that need to work off-site. The motivation behind this project is to remove those requirements in order to simplify deployment, by allowing access to the tools via a web browser.

The Build Tool is used within the company to visualize the CI pipeline. The tool is used to quickly identify problems with the builds and diagnose their origin. It can also show the timeline of each build and provide an estimation of how far into the build process they are.  By communicating as much information about the builds as possible, the Build Tool tries to keep the build green, and thus keep development stable.

This is set up as a thin-client architecture. The client, which runs in the browser, handles user input and rendering. The server processes input events from the client, runs all of the 'business logic' of the tools, and sends rendering commands back to the client.

Yes, you read that right! The entire rendering process happens on the web browser, including compiling and running the native UI shaders! This reduces the size of what needs to be sent over the wire considerably compared to a 'live streaming' approach.

If this project has caught your eye, make sure to check out our round table discussion about it on June 24th, 17:00 CEST. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the exposure event!