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Mythic is a story about a young doctor named Andreus who tries to find a cure for a mysterious plague.

The story further unfolds into an adaptive narrative defined by your actions: the paths you take, the things you say, and the choices you make. You'll encounter different situations based on your actions. Characters and environments remember what you did or didn't do. All this results in various intertwining plotlines and different endings.

Play the demo below. For the best experience, grab some headphones and put the game on fullscreen (it might take some time to load, wait until it's done loading to go fullscreen).

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...Or meet the sound designer, Maaike Moens:

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(for Q&A, please join the Q&A call at the appropriate timeslots)


Ask me questions about the project in the call on the Q&A page (by clicking the image below), or come in for a chat. Please play the demo before you join the Q&A. This way, you'll be able to follow the discussions in the call and avoid too many spoilers.