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Daan Walder
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An interactive digital advertisement board that generates hyper-personalized advertisements with the use of facial analyzing algorithms that detect your age, gender, race and emotions.

HyPAS (Hyper-Personalized Advertising Service) is an interactive advertisement board that detects a person’s gender, age, race, and emotions with the use of facial analyzing algorithms. The user is confronted with short clips to determine their personal characteristics through their emotional feedback. It uses their emotional feedback to determine characteristics like their favorite food and movie genre, but also their sexuality, and political choice. It will use these predictions, together with their age, race and gender, to generate hyper-personalized advertisements. But are these predictions accurate, where do we draw the line of what data is ethical to collect, and who decides what algorithms should do with this information? HyPAS is designed to provoke discussion and raise awareness about the ethical implications of facial recognition technology.