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Carolien Wesselink
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Een serie A5 tekeningen van momenten uit mijn dagelijks leven:

In series of detailed drawings, Carolien Wesselink depicts intimate moments from her daily life. After meticulously photographing almost every moment of her day, Wesselink turns every photograph into a precise drawing. This allows her to study each moment intently and to select those that tell an intricate story by themselves. But while applying this strict process to each of the drawings she exhibits, she knows that the real weight of each particular moment can never fully reach the spectator.
As the drawings show an intimate reflection of Wesselink’s life, their individual significance is undermined by exhibiting them in abundance. Showing her drawings in large numbers creates an arbitrariness that leaves the meaning and importance of each individual drawing entirely to the judgement of the spectator. Ultimately, through sharing abundantly meaningful moments of her own life, Wesselink seduces the spectator to draw their own conclusion, revealing perhaps far more about themselves than about the life of the artist.

Text by Menno Vuister