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Golem Boss Battle II

Nev Mennens
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Golem Boss Battle II is a 1 v 1 boss battle that brings the challenges from fighting against a real player, to a single player experience. Just as in a fighting game, the Ai will constantly adapt to the player's actions in order to outsmart and beat his opponent. Play as an earth manipulator against Elquinox, the ice type golem. Are you ready to come out victorious?

The goal of this project is to put boss battles in a different light that will create a unique boss battle experience. Boss battles in the current video game industry are constantly being portrait in a way that the player simply has to recognize the enemies visual cues and respond to them. These attacks are chosen randomly from a list which makes the fight feel incredibly linear and not engaging at all (in my opinion). The bosses usually move very slow and I’d argue that these battles are more so an endurance test rather than an actual, skillful fight. Designing a boss Ai that adapts to the player’s actions, the player is forced to re-evaluate every given moment throughout the entire the fight making it a lot more of a back and forth rather than waiting for the enemy to do a random attack. With this in mind, the player will have to let go of their existing patterns and approach the battle more dynamically.

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