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Final Exam Elías Zaabi

Elías Zaabi Sáez
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My Final Project is highly connected to the planning for the upcoming 5 years and to the goals settled 4 years ago

My final exam has 3 main divisions, it is going to be performed by heart and the repertoire would be;

W.Walton Viola Concerto: I selected this whole concerto for several reasons. First of all, it is a piece always performed in competitions and auditions. I thought that technically would be a challenge because of the importance of this concerto in the Viola Repertoire.

Francisco de Tárrega: Capricho Árabe: That piece will work as a minor piece and as an encore after the long piece performed before. This work also could be a reference for Spanish competitions and grants that a Spanish composition may be compulsory.

Paganini Sonata per la Grand Viola: This Virtuoso work is one of the most challenging pieces ever written for viola. This piece is a symbolic piece for me because it was the first piece that I listened to my actual teacher.